Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Joys of Composting

First of all, hello to everyone! Yeah, I know, I've created yet another new blog (now totaling four). But, you see, I had to, as my regular artsy-life blog (The Quirk Shop) was fast turning into a landscaping/gardening/outdoor blog! Funny to realize how I myself have morphed from the die-hard, rock 'n' roller City Girl in all her Goth glory into the one who remembers her original roots from long ago: that who loves the outdoors and nature and animals, which is what this new blog will be dedicated to.

Early spring in Stump Henge

Well, we did it.... we bought a big barrel composter! You know, the kind you rotate with a handle, and it mixes up all the organic slop (leaves, vegetable leftovers, grass clippings, coffee grinds, pine needles etc.) and cooks it in the sun, turning it into glorious, pristine black compost for planting and gardening. 
The source of my bliss!

I can't believe how excited I was over this... I was nearly dancing a jig as Mark (Poopy) was assembling it. 

      Fresh, dark, smelly compost. Yay!

If my life has been reduced to such simple pleasures, then so be it! I'm content to be a happy idiot.
Some of our first spring flowers